‘Congratulatory applause and cheers right after nomination’ Giovanna Milana “It’s like I’m dreaming”

The moment KGC Ginseng Corporation nominated Giovanna Milana (USA/Born in 1998/186cm/OH) as the 4th overall winner, the loudest applause and cheers erupted in the Umraniye Grand Ballroom of Turkiye Istanbul DoubleTree by Hilton. And Giovanna went up on the podium and smiled broadly.

What did the토스카지노 loud applause and cheers mean? I met Giovanna Milana when the nominations were finished and the venue was cleaned up. He said, “Some of the players I made friends with while playing together in college, and I met many of the players I was with here as colleagues in the pros. There are also players I became attached to during tryouts.”

It was a time that clearly showed how good Giovanna Milana had and how she approached her colleagues. The scene of celebrating the nomination of a colleague was an unusual sight that did not appear in the men’s tryout, let alone the women’s tryout that started in 2015.

Giovanna Milana (left) and Lee Jong-rim, head of KGC Ginseng Corporation, pose for a pose while showing the signed contract. (C)KOVO

Giovanna said, “It’s an honor. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. It’s just like a dream. For the next few days, I want to accept this and be happy.”

Having experienced France, Puerto Rico, and Italy’s second division, he said, “I want to grow further. I think Korea is a place that can help me.”

Giovanna, a devout Christian, said, “I know there is a Christian culture in Korea. I also want to experience Korean culture. I am very interested in cultural differences.”

Giovanna smiled, saying, “I like to play fast. I have the potential to improve a lot in receiving and defense. I want to help the team.” I could feel his sincerity.

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