‘Compared to Messi’ Japan’s Mitoma “You can’t imitate Messi’s dribble”

 Kaoru Mitoma (26, Brighton & Hove Albion), who is in the limelight as the best dribbler in the English Premier League (EPL), gave up on Lionel Messi (36, Paris Saint-Germain).

Mitoma is heating up the EPL this season. Mitoma, who is leading Brighton’s sensation by scoring 5 goals in 7 official games recently, is greatly loved for his dribble breakthrough that is not afraid of opposing defenders from the side.

Mitoma’s individual 안전놀이터skills are in the spotlight. Mitoma, who became famous for writing a dissertation on dribbling while in college, actually tops several records. He is at the top of all statistics showing the number of dribbles advanced by more than 10m by big league standards or delicate movements inside the penalty box.

Listening to Mitoma’s dribbling statistics, Japan’s ‘The World Web’ last month even said, “Only Messi is above Mitoma.” Mitoma is hot, but Messi is still the best when it comes to dribbling in the big leagues. Although not as good as he was in his prime, his Messi still shows strength on the ball.

Mitoma also avoided comparisons with Messi. Responding to an interview with Japan’s ‘Abema News’ on the 9th, Mitoma drew the line, “I can’t imitate” when asked by Atsuto Uchida, a former member of the Japanese national team, “What do you think of Messi’s dribbling?” Mitoma analyzed, “The touch is delicate and the step speed is fast, so it is difficult for defenders to block.”

Still, the opponent Mitoma wants to play against is Messi. Mitoma, who chose Argentina as the opponent he wanted to face at the World Cup, said, “

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