‘Choo Seong-hun’s disciple’ Yoon Chang-min won 7 won at the One Championship, rising as the streak resumed

Yoon Chang-min, known as ‘Choo Seong-hun’s disciple’, was on the rise again by winning consecutive victories in Asia’s largest martial arts organization ‘One Championship’.

On the 17th, Changmin Yoon won a mixed martial arts match against Kirill Gorovets (Ukraine) by decision 2-1 at ‘ONE Friday Fights 9’ held at Lumpini Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

With a record of 7 wins and 메이저사이트2 losses in the One Championship, Changmin Yoon broke the cycle of defeat and victory after 4 consecutive wins in his debut and resumed his winning streak in mixed martial arts after 1,198 days (3 years, 3 months and 12 days).

ONE Friday Fights is a brand launched by One Championship in Thailand in January this year. Focusing on Muay Thai, which is the symbol of Lumpini Stadium, competitions featuring kickboxing and mixed martial arts will be presented.

In 2018, Changmin Yoon participated as a disciple of Seonghoon Choo in Season 2 of the Japanese reality program ‘Fighting Proxy War’ and won the championship, earning the right to sign for the One Championship. As a fighter belonging to the ‘Tim Stern Gun’ led by former UFC broadcaster Kim Dong-hyun, he is also called the ‘gold spoon’ in the fighter world.

Gorovets served as interim champion in 2019 and regular champion in 2020 at the Ukrainian tournament ‘World Warriors’. At the One Championship, which he advanced to last year, he lost to Changmin Yoon and went 1 win and 2 losses.

One Championship commented, “Changmin Yoon overpowered Gorobets with an exciting match. The mixed martial arts showdown enthralled Bangkok, Thailand.”

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