Choi Jin-kwang on ‘first offseason after discharge’: “My role is to make it easier for my brothers to play”

Choi Jin-kwang (26, 175.7 cm)바카라 is focusing on his role and preparing for next season one step at a time.

Suwon KT won 72-53 in a scrimmage against Kyung Hee University on Sunday at KT Victory Center. KT used a variety of lineups in each quarter, mixing and matching players. Choi Jin-kwang, who came off the bench in the second quarter, led the team as their primary ball handler.

After the scrimmage, Choi Jin-kwang said, “Next season is my last season before free agency, so I prepared by working out individually in the offseason. The coaching staff and head coach have changed, but I think what I can show is my speed, so I focused on that.”

KT has a lot of resources up front. Jung Sung-woo, who was the starting point guard last season, is still healthy, and Kim Jun-hwan, who exploded at the end of the season, cannot be ignored. Choi Chang-jin, Choi Sung-mo, and Lee Hyun-seok are also ready to play at any time. To top it all off, Heo Hoon will return from military service in November.

In such a situation, Choi Jin-kwang will have to show his own distinct colors to secure playing time. “Until (Heo) Hoon comes back, I have (Jung) Sung-woo and (Choi) Chang-jin. They’re very good at basketball. I have to do what I need to do, not show them what I can do. I think it’s defense. I’m going to focus on pressing harder on defense,” he said.

“I want to strengthen my defense, and I’m thinking about how I can harass the opposing guard more and take away their energy, so I think it’s my role to make it easier for Sung-woo and Chang-jin to run the game,” he added.

When asked about his goals for next season, he concluded the interview by saying, “My goal is to finish the season with no regrets every day.”

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