Chichipas “Let’s see what happens”… Determined to catch Djokovic with 2 wins and 10 losses

“I feel blessed to be able to play tennis at this level. For many years, we have wanted to put Greek tennis on the map, and Maria Sakari and I have been doing just that.”

“I am so grateful to have this kind of support because I come from a small country like Greece. I am very happy to make it to the finals. Let’s see what happens.”

‘Hope of Greece’ Stephanos Tsitsipas (24) advanced to the 2023 Australian Open (AO) men’s singles final. On the 27th, he, ranked 4th in the world, defeated Karen Khachanov (26, Russia), who ranked 20th, 3-1 (7-6<7-2>, 6-4, 6-7<6-8>, 6-3). After the defeat, he expressed his strong desire to win at a press conference.스포츠토토

Chichi Pas left just one win to win his first ever Grand Slam men’s singles title, showing off more explosive serves and strokes in this tournament. He raised expectations by winning by exploding as many as 66 Winners as well as 18 serve aces that day. The serve reached the maximum speed of 207 km per hour.

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