‘Cheer up’ Korea, ‘World Top’ regular exchange exhibition with Japan… KBO “Korea-Japan All-Star Game Discussed with Japan”

still in its infancy. There are many mountains to overcome.

The biggest issue is whether Japan will respond. The level gap between Korea and Japan, which was clearly confirmed through the WBC, is the biggest stumbling block.

A game whose outcome스포츠토토 is predicted is a red flag for box office success. However, if Japan doesn’t have the best members, that in itself will inevitably become an element of anticipation.

Nevertheless, the Korea-Japan All-Star Game has interesting elements that will attract some attention from both countries due to its unique nature. Since it is a match where the best member competes in the best physical condition during the season, a fierce match can unfold if pride is added.

The detailed issues to be resolved are funding related issues such as revenue distribution. There may be detailed issues arising from differences between the two countries, such as sponsorship and settlement of operating expenses. For example, in Japan, where the All-Star Game is held several times, some of the game proceeds are used as funds for the Players Association, and these detailed issues can be an unexpected stumbling block.

Beyond the All-Star Game, Korean baseball needs to change its perception to make exchange games with Japan and other countries a regular occurrence, like soccer A-match. The issue of player protection in clubs, where many players are selected for the national team, can become an issue. Since it is already in the middle of the season, if the issue of an ace being drafted to the national team arises after throwing a lot in the first half and needing a break, voices of dissatisfaction may emerge from the field ahead of the second half.

It is a part that requires the cooperation and understanding of the KBO and the 10 clubs. Discussion with the Athletes Association is also an area that needs to be discussed. On the other hand, in order to make A-match permanent, the full-time supervisor system must be re-promoted.

A regular exchange event with many issues to be coordinated in many ways. Can the Korea-Japan All-Star Game be held despite the difficulties? This is a point that draws attention to expand the field of baseball.

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