Celtic Legend, Oh Hyun-kyu highly praised “The perfect striker to replace Furuhashi”

Scottish professional soccer Celtic legend highly praised Oh Hyun-gyu (22). He claimed that he would be the perfect substitute for Kyōgo Furuhashi (28), the Japanese national team striker who is currently established as Celtic’s leading striker.

Oh Hyun-kyu is showing off his presence right after transferring to Celtic through the winter transfer market. Oh Hyeon-kyu has played in every game the team has played since his joining, scoring 3 goals in 14 matches in both the league and FA Cup.

Oh Hyun-kyu’s quick adaptation온라인카지노 and outstanding performances make Celtic smile. Club legend Frank McAveny, who led Celtic’s heyday in the 1980s, also praised Oh Hyun-kyu.

In an interview with the Scottish media’Football Insider’ on the 24th, McAveny praised Oh Hyun-gyu as a ‘better version’ of Yorgios Jako Makis, who recently left the team.”

Then, referring to Kyogo, who is currently leading Celtic, he said, “Celtic does not have to worry even if Kyoko leaves.

Kyōgo is making a big success with 29 goals and 5 assists in 43 games this season, and the possibility of a transfer to the English Premier League (EPL) has recently increased. McAveny judged that Oh Hyun-kyu had the potential to grow into the best striker in the league like Kyogo in the future.

Meanwhile, Jurgen Klinsmann, coach of the Korean national soccer team, recently visited Celtic and praised him, saying, “Oh Hyun-kyu is steadily improving while playing for a big club like Celtic.” McAveny agreed.

McAveny said, “The environment where he plays and scores goals in front of 60,000 people every weekend is definitely helping Oh Hyun-gyu.” He is a player who is always eager to score more goals.”

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