Carrot, who played well as a starter, won easily against KGC… A gift of ‘Mind of Kindness’ to home fans

Carrot has reaped a kind of beauty.

Goyang Carrot won 101-72 against Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation, where Jung Jun-won and Han Seung-hee fought hard, with Lee Jung-hyun and Choi Hyun-min leading the way in the 2022-23 SKT A. Pro Basketball held at the Goyang Indoor Gymnasium on the 29th.

With today’s victory, Carrot finished the 먹튀검증regular league with 28 wins and 26 losses and 5th place in the final grade. KGC recorded 37 wins and 17 losses. Number 1 was also unchanged.

1st Quarter, Carrot 26-20 KGC: Quiet Battle, Carrot with Dominance Carrot

started with Lee Jeong-hyeon, Kim Kang-sun, Kim Jin-yu, Park Jin-cheol and Didoric Lawson, and KGC started with Park Ji-hoon, Jeong Jun-won, Lands Abando, Han Seung-hee, and Daryl Monroe. He was named in the starting lineup.

KGC won 9-2 with Jung Joon-Won’s consecutive goals. Jung Jun-won drove 7 points, including one 3-point shot. Carrot narrowed. Kim Jin-yu’s 3 points and Lee Jung-hyun’s post-up narrowed it down to 7-11.

Afterwards, both teams exchanged one more goal each, and the offense stopped for a while to pass the time. KGC led 13-9 at the end of the 5th minute.

With 3 minutes left, Lawson scored 3 points. It was a scene where Carrot chased down to the chin. The KGC attack continued to stall. Carrot’s pressure defense could hardly be dismantled.

Entering the final half, the two teams exchanged points again, and with about two minutes left, Carrot succeeded in turning the game around with a Lawson dunk, and Hyun-Min Choi made a free throw to lead 20-17. Carrot maintained the lead. Jo Han-jin, who added to Aledge’s score, took a 6-point lead with 3 points in a quick break.

2nd Quarter, Carrot 53-34 KGC: Explosive offensive power, widening game

KGC created a one-possession game with consecutive points, and Carrot ran away 28-24 with Lee Jung-hyun floater. Again, KGC narrowed one step, and Carrot again advanced to 32-26 with scores such as Choi Hyun-min. Afterwards, the two teams developed a slugfest, exchanging points, and Carrot continued to lead by 4 to 6 points.

As the 4th minute passed, Carrot led by 41-31, 10 points with Lee Jeong-hyeon 3 points. KGC had time to change the atmosphere through player replacement. Carrot continued to run away. They tied the run and led by 46-31, 15 points with Cho Han-jin’s three-point shot. KGC moved the bench. took action time.

Carrot continued to run away. The score increased by 19 points, and Carrot took a 20-point + lead with 3 points of Allegy with 2 minutes left in the end. KGC passed the time by continuously operating the sixth-man lineup, including the appointment of newcomer Eugene, who had not been seen before.

Carrot 19 points ahead. KGC had to be content with narrowing the score gap.

3rd Quarter, Carrot 76-58 KGC: Less tension, Carrot maintaining the lead Carrot

responded with Choi Hyeon-min’s 3-point shot, and KGC responded with Han Seung-hee’s bottom-of-the-box shot to announce the restart of the game. After that, we exchanged scores intermittently. Carrot continued to lead by around 20 points. As the 3rd minute passed, the game went into a lull for a while, and as the 4th minute approached, Choi Hyun-min added a score with a quick break.

Afterwards, the two teams exchanged points again, and as the 5th minute passed, KGC made it 47-67, 20 points through Monroe 3 points. Even after that, the two teams continued to spend time exchanging points, and the Carrot lead was maintained until the end. Carrot led by 18 points.

4th Quarter, Carrot 101-72 KGC: Unchanged flow, ‘beautiful beauty’ Goyang Carrot’s

spears have become somewhat dull. I couldn’t easily add points. Carrot continued to lead by around 20 points. At the end of the 4th minute, they were ahead by 83-61, 22 points. In fact, it was the point at which the game was decided. The game entered the middle with the KGC attack hardly reviving.

There were no major changes. The match ended with a Carrot victory. It was the moment to deliver a small gift to Goyang home fans in the last game of the regular season. KGC started preparing for the playoffs in earnest by skipping a game with rest as the keyword.

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