“Born to be a Seongnam legend, my father” Shin Jae-won’s first interview to Seongnam in ‘Boo Electronics X Passion Manman’

“My dad was a Seongnam legend. It’s a burden, but what can I do to be born that way?”

Shin Jae-won (25), wearing his father’s team Seongnam uniform for the new season, held a press conference, and his worldly and candid words caused laughter among the reporters. Although they were born with superior DNA thanks to their outstanding legend father, the second-generation sportsmen who are born with the fate of being compared to their father inevitably suffer from the burden and stress of their mother. However, ‘Shin Tae-yong II’ Shin Jae-won was cool in the world.

Seongnam recruited Shin Jae-won on a free contract on the 13th of last month. ‘K-League Seongnam Ilhwa Legend’ Shin Tae-yong, the eldest son of Indonesian national team coach Shin Jae-won, will play for Seongnam.

Coach Shin is a legendary one-club man who left an unprecedented record of 99 goals and 68 assists in 401 games in Seongnam Ilhwa, the predecessor of Seongnam FC, from 1992 to 2004. 1992 Rookie Award, 1995, 2001 Most Valuable Player Award (MVP), K-League Best 11 9 times, K-League first 60 (goal)-60 (assistance) club membership, etc. have been achieved in Seongnam. Thanks to Shin’s performance, Seongnam won three league titles in a row (1993-1995, 2001-2003) twice, the FA Cup, the League Cup, and the Asian Club Championship, and was recognized as the best club in Asia. Coach Shin took office as Seongnam head coach right after his retirement, and wrote the history of Seongnam at its peak as a player and leader, such as winning the 2010 Asian Champions League (ACL) and winning the 2011 FA Cup. In 2003-2004, he also played as a teammate in Seongnam with Lee Ki-hyung, the newly appointed coach of Seongnam.

Shin Jae-won, a ‘side resource’메이저놀이터 who digests both wingback and winger as a representative of each age group under the age of 16, won the King of Kings in 2017 while at Korea University and scored 10 goals in 12 U-League games in 2018. After passing through Nurse and Suwon FC, he wore a Seongnam uniform this year. He has recorded 1 goal and 1 assist in 32 games in his career. Seongnam FC’s new head coach Lee Ki-hyung said, “Shin Jae-won has good physical abilities, speed, shooting ability, and finishing ability when the ball comes.” expressed

‘Shin Tae-yong II’, who can play both winger and wingback positions. Seongnam fans’ expectations for Shin Jae-won, born in 1998, were extraordinary, and Shin Jae-won did not hesitate to talk about his father. After receiving a love call from Seongnam, he said, “I didn’t worry too much. I’m grateful to come to Seongnam this season.” “Seongnam is a special team for me, and my house is in Seongnam, and including Jeon Seon-soo, my house is the closest. My mom and dad really liked it,” he laughed. He said, “Of course, there is pressure. My dad was a Seongnam legend, and there is pressure, but what can I do to be born that way? What kind of advice would your father, director Shin, give you, a positive icon known by the nickname ‘I’m the guy’? Shin Jae-won said, “Dad always tells me to be confident. ‘There is not much difference in ability. It is a difference in confidence. If you have confidence, you can do it enough’ and instills a lot of confidence. This is good advice.”

Seongnam club is like a ‘home’ to him who has been going to and from Seongnam Tancheon Stadium since he was three or four years old when he started to walk. Coach Shin, a father who had a special love for his son, stood on the ground holding his eldest son Jae-won and second Jae-hyeok every time he set a new record in the K-League. He said, “The uniforms and photos at my house are all from Seongnam. My favorite color when I was young is yellow. Now it’s black, but I liked yellow when I was young. I played soccer for the first time in Tancheon, and when I play at Tancheon Stadium I think it will be really new,” he said with a smile. ” I remember watching K-League games from the stands since I was little. I want to run on the field as soon as possible,” he said, shining his eyes.

Coincidentally, in the season opener held at Tancheon Stadium at 4:00 pm on March 1st, a ‘brotherly’ match-up with younger brother Shin Jae-hyeok (Ansan Greeners) was concluded. “When I was on vacation, I talked about the opening match, but my younger brother always tries to beat me. He said, ‘I’m going to wipe it out with a tackle’ (laughs).

Twenty-five-year-old Shin Jae-won, who is said to have become a second-hand player in Seongnam, which recruited a large number of young players this season, reflected on his determination while watching the Qatar World Cup. It aimed directly at the 2026 World Cup in North and Central America four years later, when those born in 1998-99 will be the center. He said, “I went to the field when my dad coached the national team during the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Watching the players travel on a chartered plane and receive the best treatment, I had a dream of the World Cup even then, and watching the World Cup in Qatar, I thought that if you are a soccer player, you must go at least once. did,” he said. He said, “The goal is the 2026 World Cup. He is working on field training with the mindset of starting anew in Seongnam this year.”

“The new season goal is the same as the team goal. Promotion is unconditional. My personal goal is to play at least 30 games and accumulate as many attack points as possible to go to the year-end awards ceremony.” Just like the legendary coach Shin Tae-yong, who said, ‘I was brave from birth’, it was a ‘war of failure’.

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