Between public opinion and players, in the end… Seongnam City Hall ice coach ‘no successful candidates’

Although the return of former coaches Victor Ahn and former coach Kim Seon-tae to Korea was canceled, there was a bigger wave in the ice skating world. Short track leader Choi Min-jung made a meaningful statement, but Seongnam City immediately finished this recruitment without selecting anyone.

Reporter Moon Sang-hyeok covered the story.


This is the entrance statement posted by Choi Min-jung at the dawn of today (31st). The signatures of short track athletes from Seongnam City Hall are also included under “The

coach with the best career and outstanding competence must come.” When the appeal came out a few hours before the announcement of the successful applicants, the wave grew. [Victor Ahn/Former coach of the Chinese national short track team (last 12th): If I have a chance, I will answer you then.] Since Victor Ahn and former coach Kim Seon-tae, who were interviewed, were not among the final candidates, the ‘ The interpretation of who is an ‘excellent coach’ followed. In the end, Choi Min-jung had to add an explanation. In an additional post, he wrote, “It’s a pity that the important virtue of a leader has been pushed to the back due to social issues.” And in the announcement of Seongnam City, which came out shortly after, there were no successful applicants. The reason is that there is no suitable person. [Short track official: It’s a pity. Rather 스포츠토토 than ‘no suitable person’, I think it’s just that they weren’t selected. Because it’s noisy… ]

It seems that Seongnam City has lost its way between public opinion and players, but the damage has been suffered by the rest of the applicants.

[Short track official: I wasn’t in a good mood. To be honest, I risked my life to support anyway… ]

Seongnam City has decided to indefinitely postpone hiring the coach position.

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