‘Because of one defence’ ‘Five runs in one second’

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A single defensive error changed the course of the game between Lotte and KIA in the Korean Baseball Organization.

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No outs and runners on first and second.

먹튀검증 Lee Jung-hoon’s grounder is missed by Kia’s second baseman Kim Kyu-sung, giving Lotte a lucky lead.

KIA switched Kim Gyu-sung to Choi Jeong-yong, but this time, the elusive grounder to second base became an infield hit.

What could have been an inning-ending situation became a bases-loaded situation, and that’s where Noh Jin-hyuk’s three-run double came in, giving Lotte a five-run cushion.

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Samsung’s Lee Jae-hyun quickly snatched up a straight hit and threw to second base to get two outs.

However, Lee Jae-hyun was replaced shortly afterwards with a shoulder injury.

It was amazing that he managed to throw to second base through the pain.

Video editing: Lee Ji-young

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