“Are you going to recruit the ‘second Kim Min-jae’?”… Naples President’s Answer

Napoli, which had not been highly anticipated since sending out key players of Kalidou Koulibaly this season, made a great turnaround. Napoli is currently in the top spot with 65 points, and is close to winning the title for the first time in 33 years.

Including Korean defender Kim Min-jae,먹튀검증 Victor Osimen, Hvica Kvarachhelia, etc. are known as the protagonists of the miracle. Also, as the protagonist who led this miracle, Naples President Aurelio de Laurentis cannot be left out.

Despite fierce protests from Napoli fans, they made the difficult decision to transfer key players and brought in resources that could perfectly replace them at relatively cheap prices. It brought both grades and stability.

Having succeeded in this magic, Laurentis stood before reporters. He had an interview with foreign reporters in Rome on the 8th (Korean time).

At this meeting, President De Laurentis revealed his thoughts on the present and future of Naples. He said of the run to top the league title, “After 33 years, it’s a great comeback for Napoli. It’s what everyone in Napoli has been waiting for. I believe that millions of Napoli citizens will come to celebrate the title and look forward to their performance in the UEFA Champions League. are doing,” he said.

Regarding Osimen, he said, “It is clear that he is an extraordinary player. However, Napoli today was not created by Osimen alone. It was created by everyone in Napoli together. Coach Luciano Spalletti and other players did their best, and what to do I know exactly if I can win.”

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