Andong University of Science and Technology VS Chung-Ang University, Sangji University VS Jangan University…Baekdu Intercollegiate Round of 18 Confirmed [Baekdu Intercollegiate 1,2 Year College Football]

Baekdu Daejanggi Round of 18 is set.먹튀검증

The group stage of the 18th Baekdu Intercollegiate Football Tournament, which is being held at the Taebaek Sports Complex in Gangwon-do Province, concluded on the sixth day.

Andong University of Science and Technology and Chung-Ang University, and Sangji University and Jangan University will face off in the round of 18 on the 8th. The winner of Andong University and Chung-Ang University will face Dankook University, while the winner of Sangji and Jangan University will face Halla University.

After drawing 1-1 with Sangji in the first match of the day, Dankook scored seven goals against its second opponent, Donggang University. The team also scored four goals on the day to complete its second straight win.

Daegu University of the Arts also defeated Chosun Institute of Technology 4-0, while Kangseo University and Sangji University scored six goals against Korea Golf University and Donggang University, respectively.

The rest of the round of 16 has been decided. Kangseo and Yeoju, Hannam and Konkuk, Daegu and Gumi, Honam and Korea-Japan Jangshin, Ajou and Wonkwang, and Jeonju and Songho will face off.

◇Baekdu Daeganggi 18th 1st and 2nd Grade College Football Qualifier (6th)

Songho 1-0 Dongwon, Daegu Arts 4-0 Chosun Engineering, Konkuk 3-0 Baejae, Hanil Jangshin 4-2 Gunjang, Jeonju Jeonju 1-3 South, Dankook 4-0 Jeju International, Kangseo 6-1 Korea Golf, Ajou 1-0 Gumi, Sangji 6-0 Donggang, Daegu 31-0 Yeowon Arts, Yeoju 2-0 Myeongji, Andong Science 3-0 Gangdong, Jungang 1-0 Dongwon, Woosuk 0-2 Wonkwang, Halla 4-0 Jeonnam Science

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