‘Air Osimen’ jumps a whopping 2.58m… Ronaldo broke it

Naples bomber Victor Osimen (24) set the best Italian Serie A record.

Osimen is the top scorer in the league this season with 16 goals. The team is running at an overwhelming lead and is stepping on the accelerator toward victory.

Napoli won 3-0 in the 21st round of Spezia on the 5th. Osimen led the team to victory with multiple goals. On this day, he scored one goal each with his feet and head.

ESPN, a global sports media outlet, shed light on Osimen through its official Twitter account on the 8th. “Osimen recorded a jump of 2.58m in the match against Spezia,” he was shocked. A number of media outlets, including Spain’s AS, covered this.

Osimen jumped 안전놀이터2.58m vertically while attempting a header. It’s not a cross situation. The ball cleared by the opponent soared into the air, and Osimen, the goalkeeper, and the defender jumped at the same time. Osimen’s head is above the goalkeeper’s hands. That’s a huge jump.

It is similar to the scene of Cristiano Ronaldo (Al Nasr) in the past. In December 2019, Ronaldo, who belonged to Juventus, scored an amazing header against Sampdoria. A cross came over from the side, and Ronaldo jumped as he ran. He scored by hitting the ball directly in the forehead. The jump at the time was 2.56m. It remains the highest record in Serie A.

Osimen surpassed Ronaldo in 3 years and 2 months. Even more surprising is that Osimen didn’t jump while running like Ronaldo. a vertical jump

Of course, Ronaldo also flew around like Osimen when he was young. He has a header made by jumping 2.93m in a match against Manchester United during his Real Madrid days. Either way, Osimen has once again proved to be a ‘physical freak’ and has made teams bigger than Napoli drool even more.

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