“Admit your failures”: what does it take to play in the first team? [SS Focus].

“Baseball is a sport of failure anyway.”카지노

The ‘dream’ of every player in the KBO is to play consistently in the first team. With some of the best baseball players in Korea, it’s not an easy task. So what does it take to make it to the first team? A foreign manager explains.

Lotte manager Larry Sutton has played both American and Korean baseball. He was selected by Kansas City in the 1992 Major League Baseball draft. He has been playing and coaching professionally for 32 years.

As a player, he spent seven seasons in the big leagues and 11 seasons in the minors. He played in the KBO from 2005 to 2007. In 2005, he batted .292 with 35 home runs and 102 RBIs for Hyundai.

He began his coaching career in 2008. He has been coaching in the KBO since the 2020 season. In 2020, he became the head coach of the Lotte Future Team. He started 2021 as the manager of the Future Team, but was promoted to the first team in May. He is currently the manager of Lotte’s first team.

He has been in baseball for a long time and has experienced many players. He has been involved with the KBO for seven years as a player and manager. Although he is a foreigner, there are other things he has seen and felt

Sutton added: “There are certain things you need to play in the first team. It’s confidence and attitude. Basically, baseball is a game of failure. You don’t play one game a week. It’s a game every day. You have to be consistent for six months.”

“There are cycles in the season. There are downs and there are ups. You have to have the strength to get through the bad times. To do that, you have to be mentally strong. In other words, confidence.”

Coming from a beastly background, he uses the example of batters. The most basic number is batting average. If you’re hitting in the ’30s,’ you’re a good hitter. If you go up to bat 10 times and get three hits, that’s 3%. Seven is an out. If you bat 100 times, that’s 70, and if you bat 1000 times, that’s 700. That’s a lot of outs.

“You have to accept failure,” says Sutton. If you fail seven out of 10 times, that’s an all-star performance. It’s about how you carry yourself when you fail. You have to be able to take a loss and not let it get you down.”

Next is attitude. A desire to keep getting better is key. “You have to learn as you play,” says Sutton. This is important. You have to think about what you’re going to learn and how you’re going to take it,” he said.

Specifically, he said, “In baseball, there’s a lot to learn from playing the game. Pitchers and fielders are the same. There are certain things they have in common. It’s quick and accurate decision-making. Whether you’re fielding, hitting, or pitching, you have to be quick and precise,” he said.

“You have to keep learning and growing. You have to be confident, you have to be mentally strong. You have to have a good attitude. Then you can play in the first team. It will make you a better player.”

It’s a story that everyone knows. But it’s also something that not everyone can do. It”s said that the professional arena is where the ‘chosen ones’ play, but even within it, there is a divide.

In the end, it’s up to you. You need to be able to accept failure and have an unwavering mindset. You need to be able to jump in with confidence. You have to keep working hard to improve every day. Natural talent is one thing, but without acquired effort, there is no success.

“There’s something I learnt in my first year in the major leagues. It’s that you have to work really hard. It doesn’t end when you get to the big leagues. You have to work even harder to stay on the team. You have to be consistent to get to the next level.”

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