ABL held until February… “Australia is good, we are bad”

What baseball team coach Lee Kang-cheol is wary of is ‘sense of the game’.

The Korean national baseball team belongs to Group B of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) to be held in March. ‘Rivals of destiny’ Japan, Australia, the Czech Republic, and China will face off at the Tokyo Dome in Japan to see if they can advance to the second round. In order to get a ticket to the quarterfinals, which is given to second place in the group, you must win against Australia in the first match of the first round.

In terms of objective strength, Korea is one step ahead. In the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) rankings, Korea is 4th and Australia is 10th. However, it is evaluated that it is not an opponent to be taken lightly. This is because minor league triple-A players made it to the final entry. South Korea was eliminated 온라인바카라in the first round after losing the official opening game against Israel, which was also evaluated under Hansu at the 2017 WBC. Due to the nature of short-term battles where you don’t know what variables will come out, you can’t be relieved.

Coach Lee Kang-cheol said after completing the first training for the official call for the WBC team on the 16th (Korean time), “All positions in the Melbourne club’s infield have been put up (to the final entry). Four left-handed pitchers were added, but I think we didn’t pick them because we had a lot of left-handed hitters,” he said.

According to the Australian Professional Baseball League (ABL) website, the ABL game (final) was held until February 6th. The Adelaide Giants defeated the Perth Heat 5-2, and there is a reason coach Lee Kang-chul is paying attention to this match. This is because a number of players, including Alex Hall (outfielder), Ulrich Boyarski (left fielder, Perth), Rickson Wingrove (1st baseman), and Liam Spencer (3rd baseman, above Adelaide), including a number of players included in the final WBC entry, participated. Warwick Saupold (ex-Hanwha Eagles), a player with experience in the KBO League, who is being talked about as a target for the Korean War, also pitched one inning as Perth’s third pitcher. Unlike the KBO League, where the league schedule ended in early November of last year, the game has been digested until recently, and the game sense is inevitably ahead. Coach Lee Kang-cheol said, “I think it’s a good advantage for Australia. (Before the opening of the tournament) it’s a bad news for us who are building (now) our bodies.”

Australia needs to catch Korea to guarantee advancement to the second round. Coach Lee said, “We think of Australia a lot, and Australia also seems to see us that way.” I can’t be careless because it’s wrong,” he said. He continued, “Power analysis is coming in from the next turn, so I think I need to open the video so that I can watch it for about 30 minutes before eating. Watching a video and not watching it are different.” 

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