A. Villa, Director + General Manager for Lee Kang-in… “Already discussing recruiting a promising player in La Liga”

Aston Villa recruited general manager Mateu Alemani and are putting all their efforts into recruiting Lee Kang-in.

Alemani worked as a general manager at Barcelona until this year. However, his hometown and home team is Mallorca, and he has served as the vice-captain since 1990 and as the general manager and president of Mallorca until 2010. Afterwards, he served as CEO of Valencia in 2017 and CEO of Barcelona in 2021, and carried out his duties in Barcelona until this season.

And now,카지노사이트 Alemani heads to Aston Villa. Current Aston Villa manager Unai Emery has recommended Alemani to the club, and Aston Villa has entered into negotiations with Alemani. And as a result of steady negotiations, Aston Villa is now almost certain.

Now, only the final signature is left. European football transfer market expert Fabricio Romano posted on his SNS on the 6th (Korean time), “Director Alemani has finished all preparations to take over as the new manager of Aston Villa. Negotiations have reached an agreement, and he accepted all offers.” said.

“Director Alemani is ready to work with Emery. They are already targeting players with La Liga potential and discussions are under way,” Romano said.

Since he is the head of Alemani, who has a deep relationship with Mallorca, the possibility of Lee Kang-in going to Aston Villa is also increasing. Aston Villa has been paying attention to Lee Kang-in for a long time. Reporter Matteo Moreto of Spanish media ‘Relevo’ also poured out reports that Lee Kang-in would go to the winter transfer market. Among them, there were Aston Villa and Newcastle United as the most influential clubs. However, with the persuasion of the club and the appeal of manager Javier Aguirre, Lee Kang-in remained with the team for now, and is playing the rest of the season.

However, as Lee Kang-in’s great success continues, it is likely that he will head to a bigger club at the end of this season. Among them, Aston Villa is steadily paying attention. Spanish media ‘Ultima Ora’ said, “Aston Villa requested 13.5 million euros (about 19.6 billion won) from Mallorca for Lee Kang-in last January, but the negotiations broke down. Aston Villa is now paying 18 million euros (about 26.2 billion won). We are aiming for a buyout for Lee Kang-in.”

Lee Kang-in’s name is very likely to be mentioned, given that Alemani’s move to Aston Villa is becoming more certain, and that he and Emery are keeping an eye on La Liga’s prospects. The summer transfer market for Lee Kang-in, who is currently making a big success in La Liga with 6 goals and 4 assists, is expected to be hotter than ever.

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