A trillion-dollar actress, becoming the owner of Arsenal?

 Hollywood star Reese Witherspoon, the main character of ‘Legally Blonde’. She gained popularity by appearing in numerous films.

She also made a name for herself as a producer. She also made a name for herself as a producer by making ‘Hello Sunshine’. She even sold this production company to a private equity fund in 2021 for about 1 trillion won, building a huge fortune.

In particular, in May of that year, Hello Sunshine was selected as the most influential company in the world in 2021 by Time magazine.

Witherspoon, who was born in the United States and lives in the United States, crosses the Atlantic Ocean and reveals that she is an avid fan of Arsenal in the English Premier League. In particular, it draws attention to her by hinting 온라인카지노 at her investment in the club.

According to The Sun’s report on the 31st, Weed Spawn and her son are fans of Arsenal.

Ahead of the 5th round of the FA Cup, Withspoon was asked about her intention to invest in her football team. She appeared on BBC’s ‘The One Show’ to promote the film alongside actor Aston Kutcher.

Withspoon said as if she had waited, “My sons would be really happy if they could invest in Arsenal. Because we are Arsenal’s favorite team,” she said excitedly.

Witherspoon sold her 2021 production company to private equity for £650m. If you have a place at Arsenal, you have enough money to invest.

She even confided that Aston Kutcher almost invested in a Premier League team at the end of last year. Hollywood star Michael B Jordan was among the investors who bought EPL’s Bournemouth last month.

A consortium led by Jordan and Bill Foley bought Bournemouth, perhaps implying that Kutcher was also willing to invest in the consortium.

Bournemouth fans rejoiced thanks to a new investment club takeover for £120m. This is because after they took over, they recruited players through bold investments and reinforced their strength.

Meanwhile, Witherspoon and Kutcher appeared on the BBC ahead of the FA Cup draw. So British fans complained that they did not know why the two were talking about soccer before the draw.

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