A selection that bowed its head in a big match… KIA Medina, 3 innings 5 ​​runs strong plate

KIA Tigers pitcher Adonis Medina (27) gave up early after 3 innings.

Medina gave up 5 runs in 3 innings in a match against the Lotte Giants held at the Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 2nd. From the fourth inning, left-handed sidearm pitcher Kim Dae-yu took over the mound.

On this day,메이저사이트 Medina showed that his control was not going well. It was quite different from the first win of the season, recording 8 scoreless innings against the NC Dinos on the 26th of last month.

Medina conceded from the first inning. He allowed lead batter Kim Min-seok to hit a double in left center, and then Jeon Jun-woo’s sacrifice fly to the right field at the time of 1st out, 1st and 3rd base, giving the first run.

He also gave up two runs in the second inning. He was beaten by Noh Jin-hyeok and Han Dong-hee in a row and allowed one run, and Han Dong-hee, who was digging into the groove, failed to prevent Lotte’s double steal in the 1st and 3rd bases and conceded an additional run.

Medina also showed an unstable appearance in the third episode. Jeon Jun-woo, the first base runner, threw a wild throw from 1st base and reached 3rd base. In the end, he gave An Chi-Hong a timely hit to the left and allowed another point. Medina scored consecutive hits from Noh Jin-hyeok and Han Dong-hee at 1 out and 1 base and allowed an additional run, a total of 5 runs that day.

He didn’t get a single strikeout, and gave up 3 walks. There were 6 hits. Medina’s highest two-seam speed on the day was 150 km per hour, and he threw a total of 57 pitches, two-seam (26 pitches), cutter (21 pitches), slider (5 pitches), changeup (3 pitches), and four-seam (2 pitches). .

It was a big match that everyone was paying attention to. This is because KIA, which is running on a 5-game winning streak, will meet Lotte, who has risen to the top spot with 8 consecutive wins, and play a game. One of the two teams was on the verge of ending their losing streak, but KIA starter Medina collapsed in vain and lost their pulse.

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