‘A blood oath?’ Britain defeats Colombia ‘extraordinary’ → Helps the US

Is it blood alliance? The United 토토사이트 States, on the brink of elimination, received help from Britain. Britain caused a surprise by defeating Colombia. As a result, the United States was revived.

On the 14th (Korean time), England had Colombia and Group C 3rd round of the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) final round at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

On this day, Britain was dragged 0-3 until the middle of the game and seemed to be losing three matches in a row, but the batting line revived and came from behind to win 7-5.

England trailed 0-3 until the 4th inning defense. However, in the 4th inning, BJ Murray Jr.’s sacrifice fly succeeded in scoring the first run, and Chavez Young’s 2 RBIs tied the game at the right time.

The British team, which gained momentum, added 4 points by tying up runs after Jayden Rude’s 2 RBI double in the 5th inning, Harry Ford’s 1-run home run and the opponent’s wild pitch in the 7th inning. Running away 7-3.

Afterwards, England gave up two runs, including a one-run homer to Columbia’s Dilson Herrera in the last ninth inning, but eventually maintained a two-run lead to the end and won 7-5.

In addition, England’s starter Tyler Visa was sluggish with 3 runs (2 earned) in 3 1/3 innings, but second pitcher Graham Sprayker led the victory by recording no runs in 2 2/3 innings.

England has already lost to the United States on the 12th and Canada on the 13th, making it difficult to advance to the quarterfinals. Britain’s victory on this day is expected to help the United States, which lost heavily to Mexico on the 13th.

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