‘5th place jump’ Daegu coach Choi Won-kwon “Counterattack click = Daegu victory formula? ‘Click click click click’ I will play soccer”

“I want to bow to the fans.”

Choi Won-kwon, coach of Daegu FC, expressed his deep gratitude to the 10,000 spectators who filled Daepak.먹튀검증

Coach Choi’s Daegu won the K-League 1 round 16 home game against FC Seoul at 7:00 pm on the 4th at DGB Daegu Bank Park, and won 1-0 thanks to Sejingya’s winning goal in the 14th minute of the first half. They took revenge for the 0-3 defeat in Seoul in April and jumped up to 5th place in the league for the first time this season. On this day, Daepak sold out for the third time in the season with a crowd of 12,056.

After the match, coach Choi said, “I felt heavy because I couldn’t show the fans a win at home last May, but I’m happy to start with a win against Seoul in June.” He said to the fans, “I want to bow. After winning, I always want to bow to the fans.” He promised, “I will bow after finishing with good results at the end of the season.”

In the interview that day, there was also a question about the Daegu soccer nickname, ‘Click Soccer’, which became a hot topic in the soccer community. It is the nickname of Daegu soccer, which destroys the opponent with one-button counterattack soccer against a million tactics such as build-up and line adjustment. On this day, Daegu took 3 points with a goal of explosive speed leading to Edgar, Ko Jae-hyun and Edgar. Regarding this, coach Choi said, “I take it in a good way,” and admitted, “In modern soccer, you have to score goals, whether it’s a counterattack or a build-up. We think ‘click’ is right.” “

He also praised the performance of veteran fullback Hong Chul, who volunteered to be selected despite a pelvic injury on ‘Hong Chul Day’ and led the attack with brilliant overlapping. “Thank you so much. I had my doubts after suffering a major injury at the beginning of this season. I wondered if I would be able to do well if I came back at my age, but (Hong) Cheol is the opportunity for Daegu to rebound this season.” “Since Cheol’s return, our team’s performance has improved a lot. It’s a good phenomenon. Keita is also doing well. Exemplary senior players like Cheol-i and Yong-rae taught junior players a lesson,” he added. “I think I was trying to score a goal on Hong-cheol Day today. I was winning, but the overlapping was just going up,” he said with a happy smile.

– Impressions

▶ Our players deserve praise for scoring first and winning by blocking Seoul’s mighty offense with a scoreless goal. It’s a pity that we couldn’t score an extra goal in a counterattack situation. My heart was heavy because I couldn’t show a win at home last May, but I’m happy to start with a win against Seoul.

– Sejingya decided, but the so-called ‘click soccer’ worked.

▶ Accept it in a good way. In modern soccer, you have to score goals whether it’s a counterattack or a build-up. ‘Click’ seems to be correct. I can only score one goal, so I think they say ‘click’. I will make sure that it becomes ‘click clack clack clack’.

-Hong Cheol

▶ Thank you so much. After suffering a major injury at the beginning of this season, I doubted myself. Will I be able to do well when I come back at my age? However, the opportunity for Daegu to rebound this season is iron. After Chul’s return, our grades improved a lot. This is a good phenomenon. Keita is also doing well. Cheol Yong-rae, an exemplary player, also taught the younger players below him a lesson. I think this friend will ask for a break because he is sick. I was winning, but the overlapping was just going up.

-I was going to talk about card management, but Lee Jin-yong got a warning in the first half.

▶Jin Yong is a borderline. Misses the line between an effective foul and a warning. I understand that young players are trying to do well. And I understand because I won. He is an indispensable fighter type player in our middle. If you tell them not to do it, they recoil.

-I went up to 5th place for the first time in the season. how far do you think

▶We also have to win against Seoul and Jeonbuk. I’ve been fighting relegation last year, so I have an obsession with it. I am trying my best not to fall apart from the above teams. Communicating with the players. We have Suwon Samsung below, but we also have a difficult game against Suwon Samsung. The goal is to win against all teams. believe you can win The match against Seoul gave me confidence that I could win. The match against Jeonbuk is an away game, we beat Ulsan and get in the mood. There are many good players, but we also want to make a good result by making a good hand.

-After the 1st round robin, you revealed your goal not to lose to the losing team again. You seem to be on target.

▶Not only me, but all of our players have pride. The pride of Daegu is the slogan. Fans must have really liked it. We lost 0-3 at the away fans in Seoul and made a promise with the players. I promised to take revenge on Seoul. There are so many home fans coming, so let’s win. I am so grateful to the players for protecting it.

-The goal scene leading to Edgar, Ko Jae-hyeon, and Sejingya, is it a scene that often appears during training?

▶We must not reduce our aggressive speed. It is not sharp when proceeding with build-up. I try to solve it somehow in a short time, and I really work hard on the combination training of Sejingya, Edgar Ko Jae-hyun, and Baselus Lee Geun-ho. I’m doing the attacking part, but if I don’t score, the coaches notice, so I train a lot. there is only training

– A word to the crowd of 10,000.

▶I want to bow at least. After winning, I always want to bow to the fans. I will bow at the end of the season with good results.

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