4 Tips For Dealing With Flat Light

With all the snow we’ve been getting recently, you may have found it a little more difficult to see where you’re going. Whether it’s big fluffy snowflakes blocking your line of sight or some low-hanging overcast clouds, we see plenty of days with “flat light” in the Northeast. Here are some tips for enjoying yourself during those grey days.
Wear brighter lenses – Most goggle안전놀이터 manufacturers make a flat-light specific lens. A rose or yellow lens will help accentuate the natural definition and contrast there is in front of you, which will help you discern what’s coming up next.
Find Contrast – Since flat light is created by the sun shining into fog-clouds, the snow reflects that light back into the fog again, creating poor visibility. The solution? Ski something that’s not wide open and groomed. This will all but eliminate your vision problems because there will be more points of reference for your eyes to pick out. When it’s super flat – trees and bumps are the place to go. They provide excellent contrast so your eyes don’t have to work as hard to make out what you’re skiing over.
Get low – Lowering your stance on skis or a board will lower your center of gravity. This will allow you to better absorb any unforeseen obstacles that you may come across in the grayness ahead of you and keep you from getting bucked.
Slow down – This one’s pretty simple. If it’s harder to see where you’re going, ski a little slower. The snow isn’t going anywhere if you ratchet back to 80% effort, and you’ll stay safer with more time to react to what’s in front of you.
Now, get out there and enjoy all the snow! Ski safe and have fun.

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