30 home run hitter backed up, Japan’s dream lineup built… Still, Korean mound was not pushed back

The Japanese national team announced the 30 WBC national team. It is evaluated that it has built the strongest mound ever, with top-notch pitchers in the major leagues and Japanese leagues lined up. Big leaguers such as Darvish Ryu (San Diego Padres) and Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels), along with top pitchers such as Yoshinobu Yamamoto (Orix Buffaloes) and Rocky Sasaki (Chiba Lotte Marines) will come out. 

The power of the other line is also strong. ‘Nikkan Sports’ predicted the expected lineup. No. 1 Lars Nutba (center fielder), No. 2 Otani (DH), No. 3 Seiya Suzuki (right fielder), No. 4 Munetaka Murakami (third baseman), No. 5 Yoshida Masakata (left fielder), No. 6 Yamataka Hotaka ( 1st base), 7th Shugo Maki (2nd base), 8th Takuya Gai (catcher), and 9th Genda Sosuke (shortstop). 

Nutba made his big league debut in 2021 and became a full-time player. Last year, in 108 games, he recorded a batting average of 2.28, 66 hits, 14 home runs, and 40 RBIs, with an OPS of .788. Although his batting average is low, he has a good pioneering eye and excellent slugging power. From number 2, giant cannons lined up. Ohtani is a major league home run hitter. 

Suzuki hit 182 homers with a career NPB of 3.15, and settled down with the Chicago Cubs in 2022 with 2.62, 14 homers and 46 RBIs. Murakami is a special power hitter with 56 homers, the most in NPB Japan. Yoshida also had both accuracy and power to the point of signing a five-year, $90 million contract with Boston.  슬롯사이트

Yamataka, who made it to No. 6, became the home run king of the 2021 season as Seibu’s leading hitter. Since 2017, he has hit more than 20 home runs for 6 consecutive years, and has also recorded 40 home runs three times. Maki is strong in chances, has excellent skills and long hitting power, including 20 home runs for two consecutive years, and has stable second base defense. 

Gai is regarded as the best catcher in Japan. As a strong dog, his throwing power from second base is overwhelming. He had a career batting average of only 2.2 1 Lee, but was awarded the drop due to his excellent defense. He is Seibu’s main shortstop, with solid defense, quick feet and precise hitting. When Hayato Sakamoto, the national team’s signature shortstop, dropped out due to a scandal, he became the starting pitcher instead. 

Kazumi Okamoto (infielder), who hit 30 home runs as the fourth hitter for Yomiuri, and Desto Yamada (infielder), Yakult’s flagship hitter, are also on standby. Yamada is synonymous with hotajun people who achieved 30 home runs and 30 stolen bases four times. He won the home run king and stolen base king for the first time. He could also start at second base. 

Gai, Yuhei Nakamura (Yakult), and Takumi Oshiro (Yomiuri), who have long hitting power, were also selected as catchers. Takumu Nakano (Hanshin Tigers), who is a shortstop and second baseman and has excellent stealing ability, is expected to be used as an offensive and defensive back-up. Outfielder Kensuke Kondo (Softbank) is also expected to add strength with sophisticated batting, including a career batting average of 307. 

On March 10th, ahead of the long-awaited match against Korea and Japan, we started a thorough analysis of the Japanese lineup. In international competitions, they do not know the opponent well and face them. Pitchers have an advantage over hitters. If manager Lee Kang-cheol, who has a good knowledge of pitching management, can neutralize the spears of Japanese batters, the match against Japan and Korea is worth a try. Korea has often beaten Japan even though it has always been evaluated as inferior on the international stage. That’s why they became nemesis and rivals.

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