2023.02.14 Seoul SK vs Suwon KT

Seoul SK meets Suwon KT in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot professional basketball regular season game held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium.
Today, Gyeonggi안전놀이터 SK needs Choi Boo-kyung to make up for Choi Jun-yong’s absence. Choi Won-hyeok, Choi Seong-won, and Oh Jae-hyeon should relieve Kim Seon-hyung’s burden.
After overcoming the downtrend, KT should make it into an uptrend. Head coach Seo Dong-cheol needs to come up with a plan for the losing streak against SK, and Ha Yoon-gi and Yang Hong-seok need to play an active role.

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