‘2 years -100 home run leak’ The hope to save the hitter is the major league’s dream salary evaluation

Over the past two years, the NC Dinos lineup has changed greatly.

At the time of the combined championship, NC in 2020 was a home run corps. 1st in team home runs with 187. It was more than twice the home run of the lowest-ranking Hanwha team (79). In 2021, with 170 home runs, he ranked second in team home runs following SSG (185 home runs).

Last year, however, the number of home runs plummeted. He finished sixth with 105 homers. This is because the 65 home runs that Na Seong-beom and Altair collaborated on all at once escaped.

This season is even more worrying. Yang Eui-ji (20 homers) and Roh Jin-hyuk (15 homers), who ranked first in team home runs, left the team through the FA market. Combined, the two players missed 35 homers. This means that 100 homers have disappeared in two years.

Of the hitters who hit double-digit homers in NC last year, only two remained on the team. They are veteran Park Gun-woo and Shin Sung Kim Joo-won, who recorded 10 homers.

The centerpiece of the home run void, which has slipped away like the ebb tide, is Jason Martin, a new outsider. He is small in size (1m75), but his power is outstanding enough to record a tie for first place (32) in the home run category of the Triple A Pacific Coast League this year. Among the existing players, Park Gun-woo needs to make a leap forward. A player who hit 20 homers twice in Jamsil. As it is the second year since the transfer, there is a good chance of increasing the number of home runs.카지노사이트

Among the new players, the most anticipated players are Kim Joo-won and Oh Young-soo.

NC coach Kang In-kwon, who starts with negative power, said, “I can expect enough next year because some players such as Kim Joo-won and Oh Young-soo have seen the potential.”

Kim Joo-won took the starting shortstop last year, already in his second year, and proved his power with a double-digit home run.

He played in 96 games, batting 2.3 with 10 home runs and 47 RBI. The number of errors decreased from 12 to 11 compared to the rookie days when he played in 69 games. Amidst Gong Soo-ju’s even performance, Kim Joo-won took first place in the Beast High School last year.

From his finishing training, he focused on training with a focus on making use of his strengths. Coach Kang explained, “He trained with an emphasis on increasing offense, especially batting power, rather than defense.”

Kim Joo-won, a rare switch hitter, proved his competitiveness by hitting two home runs in the right-handed box last year. He can get a lot more long hits if he balances left-right at bat. Kim Joo-won said, “I am right-handed, so I can use more power on the right at bat.” Kim Joo-won is establishing himself as a shortstop who can hit home runs with his swing trajectory with a large arc and innate wrist strength.

He is growing rapidly as the second Kim Ha-sung model. If he gains momentum, entering the major leagues in the distant future, which is planted in his heart, is not a dream.

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