1st in batting average in 2nd group – 2nd in home run – 3rd in RBI, high school graduate rookie, Kim Hyun-soo gets a chance with a break 

Kim Hyun-soo, who had been sluggish, eventually decided to take a break. An opportunity comes to high school graduate Beom-seok Kim.

After the NC Dinos game on the 4th, LG Twins coach Yeom Kyung-yeop said, “Kim Hyun-soo is not able to swing at all,” and said, “I decided to give Kim Hyun-soo a break for about 3 to 4 games. Adjustment is necessary.”메이저사이트

Kim Hyun-soo was the best hitter until April. He posted a batting average of .400 (32 hits in 80 at-bats), one home run, and 17 RBIs.

However, he felt his hitting plummeted by May. He also recorded no hits in 34 consecutive at-bats before NC on May 3 and KT on the 17th. He batted 1/4 for the month of May (12 hits in 81 at-bats), last among 52 players who filled the required plate appearances in May. He had no home runs, and only five RBIs. Entering June, his hitting did not improve. On the 1st, he hit 2 RBIs in his first at-bat against Lotte, but there is no hit again from the next at-bat. Until the match against Jamsil NC on the 4th, he had no hits (one walk) in 16 at-bats in a row.

Director Yeom has consistently employed Kim Hyun-soo in the hope that he will overcome the slump and overcome it. He even lowered his batting order, but eventually kept him out at number 3. Kim Hyun-soo also continued to express his intention to participate and tried to fight back.

The 2023 KBO League LG Twins and NC Dinos match was held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium on the 3rd. LG Kim Beom-seok, who made his debut at bat for the first team, is stepping back as a shortstop grounder. Jamsil = Reporter Moonyoung Choi deer@sportschosun.com /2023.06.03/
When LG’s hitting was good, Kim Hyun-soo’s sluggishness was not visible, but recently, as LG’s overall hitting was creaking, Kim Hyun-soo began to stand out. As LG was swept in three consecutive matches over the weekend, a crisis came again to LG, and eventually coach Yeom made a decision.

Coach Yeom plans to give other players a break while Kim Hyun-soo is taking a break by giving him a designated hitter spot. Coach Yeom plans to hire Oh Ji-hwan, Moon Bo-kyung, and Austin Dean as the designated hitter. Coach Yeom said that he was also thinking of serving as a designated hitter to Kim Bum-seok, a high school graduate rookie who recently joined the first team.

Kim Bum-seok is a high school graduate rookie catcher who was selected in the first round. Although he got off to a late start while rehabilitating due to a bad shoulder, he is showing off his tremendous batting skills in the Futures League. He appeared in 34 games in the Futures League and finished with a batting average of 3.7 6 (41 hits in 109 at bats) with 6 homers and 24 RBIs, leading the Northern League in batting average, 2nd in home runs, and 3rd in RBI.

Coach Yeom placed him in the first team on the 2nd and had a ‘major tour’ to train with him, but the next day, the 3rd, he was immediately registered in the first team. He wanted to see him in action. On the 3rd, he came out as a pinch hitter in the NC game and only hit 2 at-bats in two hits, but coach Yeom said, “The actual game was better than training.

Currently, he can only play as a designated hitter, so it seemed difficult to start, but with Kim Hyun-soo taking a break, it seems that Kim Bum-seok will be given a chance to start. Will Kim Beom-seok be able to show off his batting skills by playing as a starter instead of a pinch hitter? There are many left-handed hitters, so I wonder if he will show new hope to LG, who has a thirst for right-handed hitters.

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