18-year-old Barcelona genius MF, can be released for free… can’t even wear the number 6 uniform

There is a possibility that Pablo Garvey, who is regarded as Barcelona’s next-generation key midfielder, will be released as a free agent (FA).

The British’The Athletic’ reported on the 토토사이트22nd (Korean time), “La Liga will return Gaby’s status to Barcelona academy status in a long-standing legal dispute over the registration of a new contract agreed last September.”

“Gabi can still play normally at Barcelona. However, the release clause allowing free agents in the upcoming summer transfer window will come into effect again. Barcelona have said they will take further legal action on this matter.”

Barcelona have been steadily demanding Garvey’s first-team registration. However, the La Liga side did not grant the request.

There is a reason why the La Liga side rejected Barcelona’s request. That’s because it doesn’t fit Barcelona’s salary cap. “This means that Barcelona will not be able to register new players on their current wage bill as they do not have the margin to operate within the salary cap of La Liga,” the media explained.

There will also be a change in the uniform number. Initially, Gaby wore number 30 to make his professional debut. La Liga cannot assign a number 25 or lower to its academy players. However, he changed to number 6 last February. This is because a Spanish court sided with Barcelona, ​​so Garvey could be registered in the first-team squad.

But things have changed. This is because the La Liga side made a problem with Gabi’s first-team registration. The reason is because, as mentioned above, the ‘salary cap’ was violated. In the end, Gabi, whose first-team registration was canceled, returned to the academy status and played with the number 30 again.

The problem is not only this. The renewal of the contract signed in September last year also went in vain. The La Liga side did not acknowledge this because of Barcelona’s finances. Therefore, Gaby returned to his academy status and became a player with three months remaining on his contract. In addition, the buyout of 1 billion euros (approximately 1.408 trillion won), which was signed at the time of renewal, was also nullified. Therefore, Gabi becomes a free agent after three months.

Barcelona will take legal action and stake their lives on Gaby’s first-team registration. “The court has given Barcelona five days before making a final decision on whether Garbi will return to academy player status,” the media reported.

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