15 billion compensation players, 88% annual salary increase… Is this good enough?

 Ha Jun-young (24, NC Dinos) signed a contract with a significantly increased salary after a long time.

On the 27th, NC announced the results of the 2023 team salary negotiations. Ha Jun-young signed for 75 million won, up 35 million won from last year’s annual salary of 40 million won. He had the fifth-highest increase rate of 88% among NC salary negotiators this year.

Last year was an important season for Ha Jun-young’s career as a player. NC chose Ha Jun-young as a compensation player when Na Seong-beom transferred to the KIA Tigers as a free agent for 6 years and 15 billion won ahead of last season. Ha Jun-young was in a situation where he missed two seasons in a row in 2020 and 2021 due to his elbow surgery and shoulder pain. There was also a question mark inside KIA, so there was also a gaze that he did not protect a young left-hander in his early 20s.

NC assured that it was not an unexpected choice. I bet with more weight on Ha Jun-young’s chance of a comeback. At the time of the nomination of the compensation player, Lim Seon-nam, NC general manager, said, “It is a player with a lot of question marks, but I think he would be protected if there were no question marks. Even if he took a little risk, he judged that he had enough skills and potential.”

In fact, as long as he is healthy, Ha Jun-young was a card that would be of great help to the NC Bullpen Turmeric. In 2019, the season just before his injury, his growth was remarkable. He showed enough potential to grow as a left-handed bullpen with a fastball, recording a maximum speed of 150 km per hour with a fastball.메이저사이트

General Manager Lim said, “Ha Jun-young’s pitching before the surgery was very good, and the fighting cock-like disposition he showed on the mound was also good,” and said that he would spare no support so that the player could stand on the mound for the first team without overdoing it.

From the end of April of last year, Ha Jun-young started to add strength to the mound for the first team. He pitched in 47 games, where he had 3 wins, 4 holds, 39 innings, and an earned run average of 4.62. There were moments when he felt his 2-year hiatus, but he slowly built up his career again. He was so important that he appeared in the 6th most games among NC bullpen pitchers. This is the reason behind the high salary increase rate.

Now that I have just come out of the long rehabilitation tunnel. Perhaps Ha Jun-young’s career may have just begun. He has also prepared a platform to aim for his first billion-dollar annual salary next year. Even if he wasn’t conspicuously flashy, wouldn’t this be enough to call him a rewarding athlete. I am even more curious about Ha Jun-young’s performance this year, which marks the second season in NC.

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